At NXXT, we understand how to produce visual content that resonates with customers and stays in their minds.

We offer the following types of productions:

Tutorials / Explainer videos
Tutorials or explanatory videos are popular in video marketing. Product features, functions and other possible uses can be easily explained and illustrated here. For example, you can produce a live film about how a person uses your product or makes use of your service. But animations can also be a helpful guide to complex processes. Knowledge transfer is the main goal of this video form. With the help of videos, you can explain even highly complex products and their application here. You put the functionality of your offer in the foreground by means of an explanatory video and convey the use as well as the added value of your product to your customers.

Image films
As the name implies, image films serve to build a strong image of your brand or your company. With the help of this video form, you try to present the company image as well as its philosophy and guiding principles as authentically as possible. This means that the focus is not on the product itself, but on the brand or the company. The image enhancement should then have an indirect effect on your product or service. Today, a great product is no longer enough – it is also important what your company stands for in public. Always convey a message in your image film that reflects your company’s position and portrays its image. What makes it special? Find a strong unique selling proposition or USP and communicate it. Link positive emotions to your image.

Trailers are often structured similarly to image films and are designed to inspire with excitement as well as the coupling of emotions. When you hear the term trailer, you probably have to think directly of cinema – but trailers are not only helpful for motion pictures. The main task of a trailer is to appeal to emotions. They serve to get your target audience excited about a certain topic and thus indirectly lead them to the product.

Trade fair and event films
At trade fairs and events in particular, visitors see countless stands and product suppliers, and the competitive pressure is therefore much higher for you. So it is of particular importance that you stand out from your competitors. Moreover, the attention span of visitors and potential customers is often very low, as many presentations are heard or booths are visited. Videos can again efficiently increase attention and, with the help of exciting content, ensure that you are remembered despite the large number of competitors.

Product videos
Product videos and films are the most recognizable form of direct advertising in video marketing. Here you present your product with its benefits and features in detail. Product videos serve to provide potential customers with sales arguments for your product or service. They are versatile and focus on the special features of your offering. Product videos are all about the product.

Commercials are also used to elaborate on the specifics of the product or service. However, they are not necessarily as close to the product as product videos. Commercials convey the special features of an offer in a fancy and unusual way. The commercial does not necessarily have to be about the product itself and its features. The videos are very short and deliver convincing arguments in a creative way, so that the commercial remains in the memory – for example, through a catchy saying, a metaphor or a rhyme!