Esport Bootcamp

Esport Bootcamp

Bootcamps are the solution to take professional players to the next level. Bootcamps allow players to work in the best focused environment.

The best equipment, low latency, experienced coaches make bootcamps more and more attractive for esport teams.

We also ran an 8 week bootcamp for LootBoy Esports. During this time we were able to take the organization to the next level. 24/7 our experienced staff was on site, creating content together with the players and thinking up creative ideas for sponsor integrations.

Through our support, the esport team was able to secure first place at FNCS in Fortnite. A complete success.

What do we do in the bootcamp?

We make sure that the arrival of the players runs smoothly. Once the players then arrive at the bootcamp, they are briefed and shown and explained the premises.
Through daily plans and briefings we make sure that the weeks we spend with the players run smoothly.

So that in the end everything fits, the organization, players and sponsors are happy.

Contact us, if it sounds interesting for you.