Professional video game gaming (or eSports) has become increasingly popular in recent years. As a result, it is increasingly evolving from a niche to a popular mainstream event.

A new milestone was reached in 2018, when more than 200 million people worldwide watched the final of the World Championship in the game title “League of Legends”. And that means: eSports events already have a relevantly high number of viewers. This also applies to Germany, the birthplace of the world’s largest gaming trade show, GamesCon.

Due to its increasing professionalization and rising popularity, eSports is also becoming more and more relevant from a corporate perspective. This, in turn, will attract more fans and viewers. We’ll show you why you should include eSports in your marketing planning and what opportunities there are to leverage the topic of eSports.

You have access to a young target group
The target group for eSports, both on the player and spectator side, is predominantly in the age range up to 26. In other words, an age group that is often difficult or impossible to reach through the old, familiar linear media. Even better, the target group can be described very precisely. According to Deloitte, eSports enjoys the greatest awareness and popularity among young, well-educated men. If this group of people is one of your target groups – either as customers or as potential job applicants – then you should think about getting involved in this area.

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