With an influencer of 500,000 followers on Instagram, the approximate contact price is € 2,500, or € 5 per thousand followers. A video on YouTube with 200,000 views costs about € 8,000 and thus € 40 per thousand views. Of course, this depends on the popularity of the influencer. Whereby well-known influencers can definitely cause high costs for campaigns. Therefore, it is particularly interesting for companies to work with many, less cost-intensive micro-influencers. These have a smaller reach and cause higher operational costs, but at the same time compensate for this through high engagement. Micro-influencers are focused on specific target groups with whom they have a close bond and can therefore enable high returns for companies.

App campaigns that use influencer marketing often target younger age groups that have high engagement with specific influencers. This is very significant for apps, as not only conversion and thus download of the app are important, but retention, which indicates how often the user returns to the app is just as important. Especially in terms of retention, influencer marketing campaigns are often more successful than conventional campaigns.

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